How to Bookmark Questions

How to Bookmark Questions

We have just launched an exciting NEW Bookmark Feature in our new interface. In this article, you will learn how to use this function to improve your learning experience.

Follow the steps below to create and access your bookmarks.

How to Create a Bookmark

1. Log into your Aeroversity account then Click on My Enrollments.

Aeroversity Question Bank Subscription
Click on My Enrollments

2. Select the subject you wish to view.

Aeroversity Mock Exams Subscription
Select Your Subject

3. Select Mock Exam and Click on Continue or Take Test.

Aeroversity Pilot Exams Subscription
Take a Mock Exam

4. Finish your test then Click Submit.

Best Mock Exams for Pilots
Finish your test then click Submit

5. You will now see the Mock Exam Report page. Click on View Solution.

SACAA Pilot Exams Question Bank
Click on View Solution

6. Click on the Bookmark Element to Create a Bookmark for the relevant question.

Best Questions for Pilot Exams
Add a Bookmark

How to access your bookmarks

1. Select your subject with saved Bookmarks.

Aeroversity Mock Exams Subscription
Select Your Subject

2. To access your Bookmarks, Click on All Bookmarks.

Aeroversity Free Pilot Mock Exams
Click on All Bookmarks

3. Select the question you’d like to review.

Free PPL Mock Exams
Click on the question you want to review

4. Congratulations! You can now create and access your bookmarked questions.

Aeroversity Pilot Question Bank
View Your Question

We hope you will enjoy this new feature. Should you require any assistance from The Aeroversity Team, please send us an email at [email protected]

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