How to Use Aeroversity Bookmarks
How to Bookmark Questions

Learn all about creating and accessing Bookmarked Questions on Aeroversity.

Compass Helicopter Cockpit Aeroversity
South African Compass Swing Requirements

The main reason why you need to swing a compass is so that your compass will be accurate and will not lead you astray due to compass deviation errors.

How to Become a Pilot
The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Pilot in South Africa

Have you always dreamed of becoming a pilot? Becoming a pilot requires passion, hard work and dedication—most of which comes naturally to those who decide to pursue aviation as a career. You may already know that this is your calling, but you might be wondering how to become a pilot and where to start.

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Flight Schools Are Open and All Systems Are Go. Well, Almost…

We are thrilled that flight training schools are opening today and that students will take to the skies again. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean it will be business as usual…

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