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The Childrens flight

5 November 2021

“This is like getting into an uber for the first time and Michael Schumacher is your driver.”

The words of Felix Gosher, one of the founders of Childrens Flight. Together with Michael Ferguson, he’s been organizing this amazing event yearly for a group of 30 underprivileged children. These children get the opportunity to fly in up to three different aircraft, from fixed wings to rotary wings. An opportunity made possible by aviators like us, people like Felix and Michael, volunteers and musicians, medical care and safety individuals like the firemen and women. A day that these children will never forget and always cherish.

Join in on this fun day for the children at Orient airfield, the Magalies gliding club, on 5 November 2021 for the Childrens flight. Year 6 of making dreams come true and hearts beat in excitement. From helicopter pilots to airline pilots, a whole group of people and machines are ready to make this day memorable.

Contact Felix to find out where your help is needed and where you can make a difference. (066 191 4603)


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